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Venkateshwaran- Practical approach to issues, clear discussions to patients for their awareness, economic solutions, clean and speedy work, friendly approach to complete a overall satisfaction to customers.No hesitation for recommendation to others.

Ranganath Raj- It was a very good treatment with very less pain. This was pending for so many years, thanks to Dr. Nagesh it got over within 2 days. The staff was also good and the timing and punctuality is appreciable.

Poornesh- I had a bad feeling and scared about dentists, doctors of Nagu dental proved it wrong. Thanks!!

Mary- Four days back I accidentally fell down and my teeth was broken partially and one teeth was shaking badly, then I thought my life was over. Then I came to Nagu Dental Clinic,where the doctor gave me confidence and gave me a very good treatment. I am really very very happy. I cannot forget Dr.Nagesh in my life.

Vishwanath- Nagu Dental clinic is like heartly smiley humanity clinic. Treated me as a mothers love. I feel very happy because I heard somewhere that doctors are god, Thanks.

Ramesh Rao- The doctors of Nagu Dental attended to my problems promptly.I am extremely happy with treatment I got from them.They are modest and the staff are efficient and what more to say about Dr.Nagesh and his team.I strongly recommend this clinic to all.

Sangeetarani- This is one of the very good dental clinic in Bangalore.I am positively very much convinced by the service provided by the clinic and assisting doctors.High quality technical equipment is being used here and timings are flexible.

Vijay- Aesthetic interiors with warmth of the attendants and Doctors.
Doctors explain the problem and the solution in detail helping me to understand well.
All in all a good clinic to visit again. Thanks a lot to all the doctors.

Ravi- I came to this clinic referred by my friend.I liked the way they guided me with many options and referred other clinics since I could not stay here for total treatment. They are not money minded.

Beena- Dr Nagesh at Nagu Dental clinic is very well experienced. I got 3 wisdom teeth extractions at his clinic which was done using latest technology equipments. Its cost effective too when compared to other clinics.

Kannan- I have the good experience of getting back to my original dental situation. The problems were addressed properly and the right treatment was given.

Gayathri- The treatment given in Nagu dental clinic is good and the rates are reasonable. I went under root extraction and replacement of teeth to tooth coloured zerconia teeth. I am satisfied by the service and treatment given in this clinic.

Tejaswi- Good value treatment worth the money.

Joy- Very ethical doctors, I am surprised, keep it up

Neela- Very well looked after. Knowledgeable Doctors. Feel comfortable and confident.

Dr.Ismail- The treatment was nice, doctor was sympathetic towards patient!

Namdhinigot cosmetic corrections in my front tooth, rct and cap done.They responded to my problems and gave me an affordable package.They are so flexible with payments. I am very satisfied. All should try this clinic.Doctors have treated very well.It was nice and good treatment.Customers will come to this clinic again and again

Cost of Treatment

The costs may vary depending on the experience, location, facilities available and other factors of a dental clinic.It is always better to personally visit a dental clinic rather than just enquire the rates.

Nagu Dental Clinic hopes you take an early, right decision and get your treatment done before it is too late and costly.